Ronen Tverya doing Stand-up in Seattle

Up until Recently he was known as the Real-estate Master, selling properties in Tel-Aviv, but now he is here in Seattle, pursuing a career in Stand-up comedy. Let’s meet Ronen Tverya.

When did you start doing stand-up?

My love for the stage started a few years ago when I started doing improvisation. Going on stage without any ready material, working the crowd, it made me open up and discover myself. After that I went to Anat Barzilai acting school, where we held a comic show in the Tzavta theater. I also performed in bars and clubs and even in English stand-up nights in Tel-Aviv, hosted by Shahar Hason (coming to Seattle!) I decided this is what I love to do.

What’s it like to perform in English, your second language?

Many people ask me this question. It’s challenging and requires me to understand the slang and the local culture, but once you get used to it, it’s a lot of fun. It also gives me an advantage, as a foreigner I bring comic insights from a different angle. I traveled the world and I was married to an English woman, so my English is pretty good, but sometimes I can still be unsure on how to say something. I just roll with it and it comes out even funnier than I planned…

How did you end up in Seattle of all places?

After my divorce, about a year ago, I felt I needed a break and wanted to get away from it all. I came to America, traveled, visited family and things started to fall into place. I’ve been to many great cities like New-York, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles but Seattle is special. There is some magic in the air, peace and quiet unlike any other place. The stand-up community here is cool and friendly. The people are great and I found it easy to connect and bond with them.

What is your big dream?

To succeed in stand-up in America! I feel that here things flow and fall into place. There is a sense of freedom here and the market is huge. I met incredible people in San Francisco and Los Angeles, great talents in the field, and they help me, so we will see how things turn up.

Where can we see you preform?

You can find me in different stand-up venues around Seattle and the area, like the Rendezvous club, the Comedy underground club or the Punchline Comedy shows. Soon I am flying to New-York to do some standup in Manhattan and I hope to also perform in Hebrew in upcoming community gatherings. Check out my Facebook page for updated info. If you come to the show, please stay and say Hi at the end, we can go have a beer or something, it will be fun…


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