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Tradition! Photo by Alyssa Braunstien

Going to school on a Sunday morning? Most kids would say no thanks. But how about baking challah? Or crafting your very own menorah? Or meeting friends and learning how to read Hebrew together through songs and games? Now this sounds like fun!

Chabad Hebrew School or CHS in Bellevue offers a full morning of Jewish and Hebrew learning with interactive activities that will boost your child’s sense of belonging to the tribe. The group classes are age appropriate and the lessons are fun-filled, with songs, games, arts and crafts and special holiday surprises. Parents can also join a class and learn too or enjoy some quiet time, grab a coffee or catch up on errands.

Daniella, mother of Talia (14), Guy (12) and Stav (6), says: We sent the kids to Chabad Bellevue Hebrew School since we looked for a Hebrew class in a Jewish environment. We also know Rabbi Farkash and Rochie for many years and we appreciate everything they do for the community. When Talia returned from her first time at CHS she said: “I’m glad you brought me here, I think the kids here are like me…”, I understood she felt that she belonged there. To us it was a great success.

We love you Morah (teacher) Inbar! Photo by Alyssa Braunstien

Maya, mother of Ben (12), Ron (9) and Tal (7), says: It’s important to me to provide Jewish values for my kids and that they learn about the holidays, the Torah, and Hebrew of course. In CHS Bellevue, you get it all. When I pick them up from Chabad, they are smiling and happy although they woke up early on a Sunday. We have been coming to Chabad for five years now, it’s a great solution for all these rainy Sunday mornings. With Chabad in the morning and Tzofim in the afternoon, we are all set for the day.

Rochie Farkash, CHS director and an educator of 23 years, shares: “Chabad Hebrew School is best known for providing students with a solid foundation in all things Jewish and Hebrew in a fun and stimulating environment. This solid foundation makes for a strong Jewish identity. The kids develop a sense of belonging to their family and community and are proud to be Jewish. We want every CHS day to be a journey of Jewish discovery and pride.”

The school has about 20 teachers and assistants who teach children from kindergarten to seventh  grade in 9 class levels, including two native Hebrew speakers’ classes. Orit Kedar, an experienced Hebrew teacher, runs the CHS Hebrew program: “I love working at CHS, the atmosphere is pleasant and everyone is welcomed and accepted as they are”. Orit is excited to start a new school year in September “every year there are more and more students, many Israelis, which is great to see. It is heartwarming to see the kids delight in a craft they made or tell their parents about a Biblical story they learned.”

Hands on experiences and tasty treats makes learning fun, Photo by Alyssa Braunstien

“Our biggest challenge is to fit everything in the tight schedule”, says Rochie. Each age group has specific goals to reach by the end of the year and there are many exciting plans. “It is extremely important to us to incorporate fun activities and games in our learning programs. A lot of the learning is actually done in hands-on experiences, in special holiday activities such as Shofar factory, Olive oil press, Matzah bakery, Purim Carnival and of course our annual Abraham's Tent Shabbat dinner that’s prepared by the students for their parents.”

In addition to updating the curriculum for all of the programs, special attention has been given this year to the Bnei-Mitzvah program for the 12-13 years’ age group. The plan is to include more volunteer opportunities in local senior homes and food banks, more trips and outings, and special learning experiences. Learning and discussion is done in separate groups for girls and boys, to create a safe place for sharing and opening up in this sensitive age, but volunteering and traveling is done together including the highlight end-of-year trip to a water park!

Making Hamentashen for Purim, Photo by Alyssa Braunstien

Iris, mother of Tomer (13) and Guy (13) says: CHS Bellevue means home to me. The Farkash family creates an inviting atmosphere for everyone. For my sons Bar-Mitzvah year I wanted to incorporate Torah and Hebrew and preferred a group study. The Bar Mitzvah celebration was also held in Chabad and I felt very involved. The boys were full of confidence reading the Torah in front of everyone. They continued going to the classes even after the Bar Mitzvah because they felt a sense of belonging. To me, Chabad delivers!


Chabad Hebrew School, is located in the Eastside Torah Center (close to the Crossroads Mall)

Sundays 9:40 am – 12:30 pm

First Day of School: September 10th at 9:40

Enroll now and mention you are a Seatelon reader to enjoy the Early Bird savings!

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