Alexander Muss International high school in Israel

Take a break from High school without missing a day of school! Enjoy the sunny beaches, the amazing scenery of the dessert, the Jerusalem mountains, Jerusalem! Tel Aviv! And so much more of the history and current pulsing intensity that Israel offers while attending a fully accredited international high school.

Alexander Muss International high school is your chance to experience Israel like never before. Join a group of Jewish youths from across the globe and attend high school in a private campus, centrally located in Hod Hasharon. Small classes allow for one on one teaching so that you don’t miss any material and even get ahead of the game.

So what do you do in all that spare time? Travel and explore Israel and learn about its rich history and geography through your eyes and feet. See the sites and meet the people, the best way to get to know a culture. There is also free time for self-exploring, or a visit to the grandparents or relatives in Israel.

Alissa Harting experienced the Alexander Mass high school a few years ago “This experience enriched me in so many ways and shaped my identity: the love for Israel and traveling the world, friends I’m still in touch with today. I’m grateful for the opportunity I got and would like to “pay it forward”. Today, Alissa does exactly that – working for the JNF-AMHSI organization and promoting this amazing JNF-AMHSI program.

Sounds too good to be true? Alissa would be happy to connect you to local teenagers that are in the program right now or graduated recently. There are many options to choose from, short or long semesters, summer semesters and more. Contact Alissa or checkout the AMHSI website for more information including scholarships and available financial resources.




סיאטלון, המקומון הישראלי של סיאטל והסביבה. במה ליוצרים מקומיים ובעלי עסקים בקהילה וכל המידע על הופעות מעניינות ואירועים קהילתיים בסיאטל והאיזור. צרו קשר והצטרפו לרשימת התפוצה שלנו, זה משתלם.

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