Ofra Duchin – Nutritionist

By: Hagit Galatzer


Photo by Ofra Duchin

If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding! Sang Pink Floyd. Back in the olden days, or when we were kids, we ate most of our meals at home, we had to finish our plate or else… Snacks and candy were not as common and eating out was a rare treat. Today’s environment offers rich and easy temptations everywhere you look with take-out, junk-food, and processed snacks that are designed to make us crave more. It is hard enough to make smart and healthy choices as adults, but how do we convince our kids to try new and healthy foods and not just the standard fried kids’ meal? read more

Erez Benari – Steam punk and upcycling art maker


A touch of steam punk, Photo by Erez Benari

Erez Benari is known as a calculated person who doesn’t like to waste money. In his column “There’s rain here” in the Seatelon he teaches new residents, as well as veterans to the area, how to save when shopping for cars, insurance and even furniture. In fact, being frugal is what led him into art and creating. “A jeweler was offering a pendant looking like Han Solo frozen in carbonite. As a geek and a fan of ‘Star Wars’, I was interested in the piece, which was pure gold and cost a fortune. I decided to try and make something similar myself.” read more

Iris Brumer – Life coach

By: Hagit Galatzer


Iris Brumer, Life Coach

Iris Brumer, a certified Life Coach, is no stranger to dealing with life’s hardships. A few years ago her husband of 25 years passed away unexpectedly. Through the pain and hardships, she discovered the healing power of the community. The support she got from the Jewish community in Seattle was heartwarming and inspiring. Not only did she get back on her feet but she also found the strength to fulfill an old dream and complete her mission – becoming a Life Coach.

During the coaching session with Iris you will be working on your story. What goes on in your life currently and the events that led to this point. However, instead of focusing on why this is happening to me? The focus is on how to deal with what is happening. How to get out of your story and not re-live it. According to Iris “Things happen in life all the time, often out of our control. We have the control of deciding how to deal with what happens and how to move forward”. read more

Etty Alony – Personal Trainer

By Hagit Galatzer


Photo by Adi Alony

I arrived to Etty’s home studio in Redmond, without really knowing what to expect. Etty welcomed me with a warm smile and a bottle of water and we got right to work. In my mind I’m in pretty good shape, I’ve got a gym membership, which I even use, sometimes. But nothing can test your fitness level like a personal training session…

After the warm-up we started the real workout. Etty demonstrates each and every exercise and then watches me like a hawk when I repeat. It’s a little strange to work out when someone is watching you, on the other hand, you can’t cut any corners. Every exercise is done in the most precise way, both important to the health of your muscles and joints and also to get maximum results. Every set of exercises is repeated a couple of times with colorful aides like rubber bands, fitness balls, and weights. With the music going on in the background, time flies by and in one hour we covered the entire muscle groups including special physical therapy exercises for my left wrist injury. read more

Gani Preschool of the Arts



The sandbox Photo by Nechama Farkash

Today we are meeting Nechama farkash, administrative director, and Dorit Hayardeni, a senior teacher at Gani Preschool of the Arts, a nurturing Jewish preschool in Issaquah. The preschool is located on a 3 acre green area, surrounded by trees and nature trails and conveniently located only minutes away from the I-90 freeway.

Nechama, the director, resides in the adjacent house; she greets me with a steaming hot cup of tea and takes me on a tour. The preschool was established about 5 years ago, filling the need for a Jewish preschool in the area. Since then the preschool grew and developed, moved into a designated building with state-of-the-art equipment, housing 21 children. The children aging 2 – 5 years old, are divided into a few age groups. Group sizes are kept small to allow for personal attention for each and every child.  read more

Anat Barak – Nutritionist

By Hagit Galatzer


Come and meet members of the Israeli community who are also local business owners. Why search far? Everything is here close to home, with a friendly and welcoming smile

Today we are meeting Anat Barak, certified nutritionists. I’ve seen Anat in a couple of lectures and was always happy to learn new facts about the food we eat and feed our children. I was surprised to learn that olive oil, although great for salads, is not recommended for frying or roasting, for high temperatures, avocado oil is best. Or that you don’t have to buy everything organic, stick to a list of 12 fruit and veggies (topped with apples and greens) and you are good to go. read more

Gil Zaharoni Physiotherapist

Come and meet members of the Israeli community who are also local business owners. Why search far? Everything is here close to home, with a friendly and welcoming smile.

Today we are meeting Gil Zaharoni, a certified physiotherapist and the owner of the PhisioActive clinic, which is ranked as one of the best in the area. Gil specializes in orthopedic issues, sport injuries, chronic pain and all those things you usually pull like neck and back. “I was first introduced to the physical therapy world when I was 16. At that time I suffered from severe back pains which put me on bed rest for a few good weeks. The doctor recommended PT and very soon I was up and running and back to all the sport activities I love so much”. This personal experience became a dream and even caused Gil to pass on the big post-army trip to South America. Instead of boarding the plane to Chile he started his degree in Haifa, a decision he doesn’t regret. “This profession is highly challenging and satisfying, and I’m grateful and happy to be doing it every day” he says. Success to Gil is to see a patient going back to being fully active and smiling. After graduating his studies in Haifa, Gil studied 4 more years in New York, concentrating on the Jeffry Maitland manual therapy method. This method combines the therapist techniques with different exercises the patient learns and practices. The patient is treated as a whole, not just the specific pain he displays. read more

Ayelet Kapitulnik Senior Yoga Teacher

By Hagit Galatzer


Come and meet members of the Israeli community who are also local business owners. Why search far? Everything is here close to home, with a friendly and welcoming smile.

Today we are meeting Ayelet Kapitulnik, a certified Yoga instructor and the owner of Prana Yoga studio. Ayelet has been my Yoga teacher for the last 5 years and she is also a dear friend, so although I’m happy to recommend her, a part of me wants to keep her all for myself…

Ayelet discovered Yoga after she got bored at the regular stretches and conditioning classes. In her first Yoga class she was asked to simply sit and look within, a surprising request and even more surprising result, “Looking inward I discovered amazing and endless depths and I didn’t get why I haven’t tried it before.” Even though the initial experience was very powerful, it took years of practicing twice a week as a student, before the Yoga became a way of life. It was a long and bumpy road full of emotional and physical challenges and also supportive and inspiring teachers that kept her going. read more

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