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Photo by Sharon Joseph

In Seattle’s gray weather, Jordan River’s bright yellow trucks are a ray of sunshine in a cloudy day. You can see them crossing the local highways, on their way to Oregon, California or any other state, filled with people’s lives and hopes, on their way to a new beginning.

Owners, Sharon Joseph and Kobi Bracha, arrived to the US in the 90’s as part of their post-army big trip. After traveling they started working in the east coast moving industry, a must-stop for any IDF veteran. The moving industry suffered from a bad reputation at the time. “Unfortunately, I still hear stories even today. This just makes us work harder and be committed to high standards” says Sharon.

Sharon believes in quality service and excellent customer care. “When we opened our business, we knew that the customers will be our focus. There are no shortcuts and we do whatever it takes to make a customer happy”. The company is managed with army-like discipline combined with a warm, family atmosphere. The experienced drivers and professional workers consider Jordan River as a second home. Even the temporary workers that come from Romania and Lithuania, return every summer. On Saturday evenings, the grill is cracked opened for a late BBQ fiesta.

No job is too small or too big for Jordan River moving. Local house moving in the Seattle area or long-distance moves anywhere in the lower 48 states or Canada, and even oversea relocation to Israel or any other destination around the globe.

The company has 2 branches, in Kirkland and Portland with over 30 trucks in various sizes. Jordan River is also a sub-contractor for bigger companies that rely on its capabilities and reputation, along with its advanced processes like electronic inventory and tracking numbers for trucks location. The drivers are constantly available on their cellphones and even on Twitter. In the future, the company is considering opening an East coast branch and expanding into the commercial storage field.

Jordan Rover received the ultimate seal of approval a few years ago, when it became an approved supplier for the army and the defense office. 800 companies tried to get into the approved list, only 50 made it to the first stage and only 12 to the final stage. Jordan River was one of only 7 finalists that joined the prestigious club of moving companies that can work with the army. The army has very strict standards and requirements that are checked each year. In addition, army personal fill out customer satisfaction surveys after each move. Jordan River is ranked in the Tier 1 level, the highest possible, for several years in a row.

It’s not simple. It’s very challenging and that is the beauty of it all” says Sharon. Sharon recognized long ago that the direct Israeli mentality may not rub well on American customers. He leaves all the customer related sides to his professional local staff and concentrates on management. Sharon loves his job and misses his “moving” days. From time to time he even goes out with the movers and gives them a hand in loading the trucks. He shares a secret only with us, Israeli customers receive VIP treatment that includes a special discount and even free moving boxes. If you are pressed in time, Jordan River also offers packing and un-packing services.

Photo by Sharon Joseph

Walking into the company’s offices, you immediately encounter a huge glass display of various awards and recognitions. Among them, catches the eye an impressive, decorative Shofar. The Shofar, a traditional Judaica item, is the work of a local artist and it was purchased as a donation to the local Chabad synagogue. Jordan River is also the official sponsor of the Kirkland dance team. One of the employee’s girlfriend used to work there and the tradition remains ever since. They also support the local high school sports team and provide free moving services when needed. Sharon refuses to elaborate more on donations and volunteering and just adds “We are a part of the community and we do whatever we can”.

“Jordan River”, what is the origin of the name and the bright yellow logo?

Although the immediate connotation of the name Jordan River is to the land of Israel, Sharon explains that it actually comes from one of his daughter’s names: Yarden, Jordan in Hebrew. Customers from all nationalities and religions find special meaning in the name and the company is happy to serve them all. And the bright yellow color? “Maccabi Netanya!” says Sharon and proudly shows us his office, housing a display of soccer balls and the team’s jersey, fully autographed by all the players. “The team is working on advancing to the next soccer league right now” says Sharon. We wish them good luck!

Jordan’s River tips for an easy house move:

Don’t wait till the last minute – A house move can be an emotional and stressful event. An easy move requires planning and preparation. Start by getting an estimate on the move size and price. A good estimator can provide an almost exact estimation and it’s free. After shopping and getting a price you like, book the move date as soon as possible and start packing.

Finish packing on time – Leaving unpacked items around the house creates clutter and blocks the way for the movers. They must spend extra time collecting the loose items and moving them out of the way. Remember, time is money, your money. All the items must be packed in flat boxes, with nothing sticking out, for easier packing in the truck. No time to pack by yourself? Ask about packing services. A professional team can pack an entire house in a matter of hours.

Label your boxes – Clearly label each box with its content and appropriate room. This will allow the movers to place it exactly where it belongs. You can even get color-coded labels tapes, blue for bathrooms, yellow for the kitchen etc. Just tape the box with the correct tape and you are good to go.

Placement in the new house – Plan and know in advance where each item is going in the new house. Clear instructions to the movers will save you time and money.

Communication – Keep in touch with the moving company throughout the moving process. This is extremely important with overseas relocation that involves customs and logistics. Ask questions and update the company with any change.

And finally, congratulations on the new house!

Jordan River Moving and Storage


Photo by Matt Campbell photography


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