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Just a little over two years ago, Meital Golan-Schwartz and her family packed their Kirkland, WA home and moved back to Israel after more than a decade. They replaced Mount Rainier snowy peaks and the clear waters of Lake Washington with the green slopes of Mount Carmel and the sunny Mediterranean waves. Today Meital is the proud owner of Makom Bamoshava, a local real-estate agency specializing in the picturesque area of: Binyamina, Pardes-Hanna, Karkur, Zikhron Yaakov and Caesarea.

Meital, how did you become a real-estate agent?

I have always found real-estate to be fascinating. I love the combination of fast-paced negotiating and supporting people in one of the most meaningful moments of their life, purchasing a home. I really missed the Israeli warmth, interpersonal connections and the open landscape. Being a real-estate agent allows me to feel that vibrating pulse and energy every day.

Makom Bamoshava, what is unique about this business?

As an owner of a small, boutique, business, I know all my clients and their needs very well. They receive my personal attention throughout the entire property search process, until they find exactly what they are looking for. Makom Bamoshava is connected to the best local professionals: Real-estate attorneys, building inspectors, interior designers, contractors and handymen. In addition, as someone that experienced a relocation myself, I understand the specific needs of families in this phase and know which areas will provide for a better landing experience as far as schools, services etc.

What are the advantages working with a real-estate agent in Israel?

A good real-estate agent conducts a thorough research on each house they sell. In Israel, one can often find irregularities and exceptions in building codes and permits in private properties. These issues may result in unpleasant fines and retroactive taxes to the buyer. It is best to know what you are getting into in advance and work with an experienced professional that can provide guidance. The realtor is also familiar with any future municipal plans that may affect property value and taxes, which is especially important for investors.

What is so special about the area of Binyamina, Pardes-Hanna, Karkur, Zikhron Yaakov and Caesarea?

Every place you listed is unique and special in its own way. In addition to the amazing Hummus places and the cool little cafes, there is a different energy that sets this area apart. Maybe it’s the proximity to the beach or something else in the air, but you can find many spiritual healers in the area. The area is also a magnet for many artists like the actor Shai Avivi, the singer Avraham Tal and others. Nature is all around you here, every house you visit has fruit trees, fragrant lemons and oranges, figs and olives, herbs and spices all growing in the garden, 100% organic, of course.

What do you like most about this area?

I live in Binyamina and I really like the community spirit, and that you can always count on your neighbors. My children can safely ride their bike to school every day and everything you need is just a short 10-15 minutes’ drive. I especially like the open green fields and amazing scenery. On Saturdays, you can see bicycle riders from all over Israel enjoying the designated biking trails we have here.

Green fields and an open view to the Mediterranean, Photo by Meital Golan-Schwartz

Tell us a bit about your personal experiences coming back to Israel after many years

Coming back to Israel was a combination of challenges and excitement. After a decade outside of Israel, naturally you change a little and so does the environment you left behind 10 years ago. Along with the challenges we experienced many happy moments, a sense of belonging, celebrating the holidays with family, enjoying the sunshine that we missed and did I mention the amazing Hummus?

My career change, switching from Microsoft and the tech world to real-estate, has also helped me to spend more time with my family. Life here can be hectic and fast-paced. The days fly by and the week is gone before you know it. Weekends are short and fly away fast as well.

You need to take your time and adjust slowly. I believe the Binyamina area we chose to live in, has provided us with a relatively easy acclamation experience. Someone once told me “When you return from a long relocation, the body arrives via airplane and the soul arrives via ship…” So, I guess my soul was on a cruise… Ultimately, I believe we each make the right choices that best suit our family, and my family is finally home.

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