Sukkot – the Jewish camping holiday

By: Hagit Galatzer


Pop-up Sukkah, Photo by Sukkahmart

The High Holidays are upon us, again, and with them the pleasure of explaining our holidays and their interesting traditions to our children. Take Sukkot for example, this is the holiday where we are required to construct a roof-less hut in our back yard, decorate it and dwell in it, or at least eat there for a whole week.

Today you can construct your Sukkah by downloading instructions and ideas from Pinterest, and if you are DIY challenged you can even order a pop-up Sukkah that pops instantly like a quick setup tent. For the roof, you can use leaves, bamboo or any other organic material that it is not water proof

Won’t it rain when we do this camping? asks my smart but sometimes obnoxious child. He has a point though, it is fall time in Washington, so random rain is not that uncommon. In fact, when it comes to Sukkot, rain is a certainty. And I’m not just talking about Seattle, even in Israel, in a drought, there are two holidays that are guaranteed to be rainy, Sukkot and Purim (outdoor costume parade, anyone?). Just like it always rains when you schedule a picnic or a nature hike with friends on the weekend.

When celebrating Sukkot, it is also a Mitzva to invite guests over. For it is always better to get all wet and cold together. Together we can also shake the Lulav, and good luck trying to explain this peculiar tradition of waving a bouquet of plants around, to your child

SHANA TOVA! Have a happy and sweet year, rain or shine



סיאטלון, המקומון הישראלי של סיאטל והסביבה. במה ליוצרים מקומיים ובעלי עסקים בקהילה וכל המידע על הופעות מעניינות ואירועים קהילתיים בסיאטל והאיזור. צרו קשר והצטרפו לרשימת התפוצה שלנו, זה משתלם.

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