Iris Brumer – Life coach

By: Hagit Galatzer


Iris Brumer, Life Coach

Iris Brumer, a certified Life Coach, is no stranger to dealing with life’s hardships. A few years ago her husband of 25 years passed away unexpectedly. Through the pain and hardships, she discovered the healing power of the community. The support she got from the Jewish community in Seattle was heartwarming and inspiring. Not only did she get back on her feet but she also found the strength to fulfill an old dream and complete her mission – becoming a Life Coach.

During the coaching session with Iris you will be working on your story. What goes on in your life currently and the events that led to this point. However, instead of focusing on why this is happening to me? The focus is on how to deal with what is happening. How to get out of your story and not re-live it. According to Iris “Things happen in life all the time, often out of our control. We have the control of deciding how to deal with what happens and how to move forward”.

Sessions are tailored to each patient’s unique needs. The first few meetings are dedicated to unveiling the background story and thinking together about which kind of coaching is needed. “Everybody needs a different kind of coach, a nurturing, loving coach or a strong, leading coach”. This is also the time to “open the wounds” and face the issues and hardships in a non-judgmental way. Iris says this is a healing act by itself, as being aware of the problem is often the first step to solving it.

In addition to grieving and loss Iris specializes in other life changing events such as relocation. As an Israeli that married an American spouse and came to live in the US a few decades ago she experienced and still experiences relocation hardships. Dealing with a new culture and mentality is a dynamic day-to-day task. It turns out that even after a few years of assimilation, we are not 100% Americans. On the other hand, we are also not 100% Israelis anymore. The result is a kind of cultural hybrid that can enjoy the best of both worlds. The secret, per Iris, is the ability to learn and teach. Learn and grow from our mistakes and challenges and also realize we have a lot to offer and teach. A successful assimilation is a combination of the new and the old. The famous Israeli warmth and openness for example, can enrich any culture. In Iris’s neighborhood, all the kids called her “IMA” (Mom in Hebrew) and knew her door is always open and the kitchen has tasty and inviting food to grab.

Things you might not know about Iris:

Iris studied Art in the highly acclaimed Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Her current art work can be found here.

Iris is also a hair dresser! As the proud owner of a majestic head of black curls, Iris is an expert in Israeli curls. She can be found in Essence salon in Seattle, a salon with a natural approach that believes in healthy and high-quality products.

Iris became a hair dresser after volunteering and working with cancer patients in hospitals and hospices. Doing hair for a patient during a critical illness is much more than a cosmetic need, it has healing powers. This is also where Iris began being a therapist and a coach. She continues volunteering with patients and the elderly till this day.

Iris’s motto “Learn and teach” is no surprise as she is also a Hebrew teacher in a couple of Jewish schools in Seattle. Teaching was a natural development after doing Art therapy for children. This career path brought her closer to the Jewish community and all it has to offer.


Tips for self growth during relocation:

Relocation is a great opportunity to open up to new experiences and to a new culture. A new culture is not better or worse than the old culture, its simply different. Open up, embrace it and you will be rewarded.

Often due to a relocation of a spouse, the other spouse has to make career changes and even put on hold successful careers. This can be the perfect time to pursue long time dreams or just be there, for yourself, for the family.

Gratitude – Sometimes we concentrate on the issues that bother us and forget to acknowledge all the good that surrounds us. A simple way to focus on the positive things in our life is making a table. List out everything you are grateful for in life, now list the things you want to change. For a visual impact, try creating a vision board. Any creative means can work… colors, pictures whatever you need and provides inspiration.


Photo by Pixabay

All of Iris’s careers provided her with years of practical experience in teaching and listening. Add creativity and motherly love to the mix and you too will find that Iris is the perfect coach to help you overcome challenges and move forward to a better life.


Iris Brumer, Certified Life Coach 206-300-5544


סיאטלון, המקומון הישראלי של סיאטל והסביבה. במה ליוצרים מקומיים ובעלי עסקים בקהילה וכל המידע על הופעות מעניינות ואירועים קהילתיים בסיאטל והאיזור. צרו קשר והצטרפו לרשימת התפוצה שלנו, זה משתלם.

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