The Seatelon is the Israeli community of greater Seattle newsletter and blog.


The Seatelon is a creative and informative platform for the community members, it promotes local business owners and advertises community events as well as Israeli shows and artists in the area.

The Israeli community in Seattle is a vibrant and active community, though modest in size, only a couple of thousands, per different estimations. Most of the community members live in Seattle’s suburbs, mainly on the Eastside, the suburbs cities east of Seattle and across lake Washington, such as Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, Sammamish and Issaquah. Many relocate to the area due to work, especially for one small software company or to maybe to study in the University and stay for a couple years or decades.

Like many immigrants, we seek each other. The need to belong to a group is a natural human trait. Away from our homeland, we see in each other the imprint of our culture: language, literature, music, values and traditions.

The Seatelon aspires to be the place where you’ll find everything you’ve been longing for. A good book in Hebrew, an old song that brings back childhood memories, a cake that tastes like home and all kinds of inside jokes and thoughts.

Who am I?


My name is Hagit Galatzer. I’m an Israeli living in the US for quite some time now. I work in a very demanding but rewarding job called family and in the few remaining hours also as a High-Tech professional. I love to read, especially in Hebrew. I try to stay in shape but most of the day I find myself sitting on various chairs in my office or car. Mostly vegetarian, I love tasty and healthy food, especially if someone else made it better yet, cleaned the kitchen after.

I started writing books recommendations in the Seatelon it it’s previous form as a newsletter promoting Israeli shows, published by the producer Nurit. In addition to the shows it also had recipes and financial tips and I figured, why not books?

I love reading and often get asked for a recommendation. After moving 3 times in the course of 2 years I discovered books make for heavy lifting and I rediscovered the public library and its benefits. So recommending a good read from the library seemed like a good idea. Other readers thought so too. So when Nurit decided to retire the newsletter she handed it over to me. Since then the newsletter expanded, new columns and writers joined and here we are in our very own blog!

Please join me in this exciting new journey, your feedback, suggestions and comments are highly appreciated.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading the Seatelon!

Looking forward to hearing from you,




This blog would not have been possible with the technical and emotional support of the following people:

Gil Mertens – A talented woman and a professional blogger, among her blogs is the local Tel-Aviv blog: Rova TzfonMizrach.  Gil also trains and empowers other women who are looking to become local bloggers and connect communities.

Jason Shindler – Owner of a local web design company: Curvine Web Solutions, this friendly guy walked me through the maze which is WordPress for beginners. Jason was recommended to me by Rabbi Berry Farkash through the Facebook group of “Israelis in Seattle”, a great example of the power of community supporting local businesses – which is what this blog is all about!




סיאטלון, המקומון הישראלי של סיאטל והסביבה. במה ליוצרים מקומיים ובעלי עסקים בקהילה וכל המידע על הופעות מעניינות ואירועים קהילתיים בסיאטל והאיזור. צרו קשר והצטרפו לרשימת התפוצה שלנו, זה משתלם.

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